Why are Bunch Bars plant-based?

We believe in the power of plants to elevate not only our health but also the health of our planet by helping fight climate change.

What gives Bunch Bars their sweetness? 

We use organic dates, a dried fruit, for sweetness. And because dates contain fiber, they give you steady energy. That’s why they’re approved by the American Diabetes Association.

How did you come up with the idea for Bunch Bars? 

We knew a lot of people shared our belief — that delicious, wholesome food should be enjoyed by everyone — so we set out to make it happen. Bunch Bars provided a meaningful way to share nutritious food with people in need.

Are the bars that are given away the same as the bars we purchase?

Yes; the bars that are available to you are the same as the bars we donate.

How do you decide which causes and organizations to support?

Our founder spent years leading a nonprofit that served shelters and schools, which gives us a good understanding of needs. But most of the organizations we support come from recommendations, so reach out to us at hello@bunchbars.com with yours!

Will my donated bars always go to the organization I choose?

We will do everything we can to honor your selection, but there may be times when we cannot. For example, an organization may change or close programs. If this happens, we will notify you of where your gift bars have been directed.

It’s been two weeks. Why haven’t the Bunch Bars arrived at my chosen organization?

The organizations we support have asked to receive bar shipments monthly for efficiency, so your gift may not arrive at the destination for a few weeks.

How should I store Bunch Bars?

All that rich, smooth dark chocolate could melt if it gets too warm, so we recommend storing Bunch Bars in a cool, dry place.

What will be the next Bunch Bar flavor?

Next on our list is likely a delicious nut-free bar that children and adults with allergies may enjoy.