Bunch Bars / Plot Twist LLC works closely with our nonprofit cause partners in regard to how and when we ship them their bars and to match your donation to your chosen cause.  For every 10 pack box of bars purchased we ship 2 bars to a 501c3 cause. If reasonably unforeseeable issues arise we may need to delay shipments or route your donation to other 501c3 non-profits than your choice. More on the why:

  • Timing of cause partner shipments may vary.
    • COVID 19 is a current example as many non-profits quickly shifted their programing and even delayed programs temporarily.
    • Supply of ingredients and manufacturing issues also occur and can slow down shipments. We will always work diligently to resolve these issues and improve processes.
  • Cause partners receive the same high quality variety of bars that are purchased on our website. Specific bar flavors sent our cause partners may not match your purchased flavor.
    • Different people have different favorite flavors. Cause partners submit what flavors of bars work best for them and we try to match it as best we can.